eat local challenge journal day 3

breakfast. lunch. dinner.

day three of kanu hawaii's eat local challenge consisted of an all local breakfast of red papaya and meadow gold low fat cottage cheese. day two leftover spicy quinoa with cucumbers and tomatoes for lunch.

shaun hit up the kahului farmers' market & craft fair at kahului shopping center today to pick-up some locally grown, super fresh choy sum for tonight's dinner. the kahului farmers' market is open tuesday, wednesday and friday from 7am to 4pm. (for a complete list of farmers' markets on maui checkout edible hawaiian islands' website.) dinner was asian inspired chow fun noodles with beef and choy sum in cantonese-style gravy. here's our recipe:


vegetable oil
1 lb chow fun noodle sheets cut lengthwise into strips (purchased at ah fook's)
4 cloves chopped garlic
10 oz maui cattle company top sirloin round tip beef
1 lb choy sum / chinese broccoli (purchased at the kahului farmers market)
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp aloha brand vinegar
1 tbsp aloha brand shoyu
1 tbsp
doenjang / korean miso paste
1 tbsp maui brand raw sugar
1 tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in 3 tbsp water
1 cup organic free range chicken stock
sambal chili garlic sauce to taste
ground pepper to taste
cilantro for garnish
toasted sesame seeds for garnish

1. if your chow fun noodles crack or break when gently pulling them apart, you will want cook them in boiling water prior to frying. heat wok or a large, deep skillet over medium heat. add oil to coat the surface. once the oil is hot add the chow fun noodles and stir fry them gently until they separate. transfer to a separate plate.

2. add more oil to coat the surface and heat until very hot. add the garlic and toss until golden. add beef until surface is cooked. add the choy sum and cook until bright green.

3. add the fish sauce, shoyu, sambal chili garlic sauce, vinegar, doenjang, sugar and ground pepper, and toss. then add the corn starch mixture and chicken stock, toss, and simmer until sauce thickens. reduce heat to low and toss in chow fun noodles coating well. serve with cilantro and toasted sesame seeds.

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