a blue & brown bridal shower

i was thrilled to help plan a bridal shower for my only girl cousin on the maternal side of my family. i was in charge of all of my most favorite things... centerpieces, favors, and the invitations! the color theme was blue of undetermined hue and chocolate brown. the challenge, my cousin isn't one of those girls who loves going shopping for wedding gowns and matching strapy heels, or choosing flowers for bouquets and centerpieces. She's not super frilly where flowery invites would seem right. has anyone ever noticed that almost all bridal invitations have flowers on them?!! i found the perfect invites online at wedding paper divas. baby blue background with contemporary cutlery in brown.

invites down, now for the favors. i was initially thinking macaroons, but switched back to cupcakes because it was easier to stick to the color theme. cupcakes are so versatile because there are so many flavors to choose from, and any color can easily be brought in with the decorations on the frosting. the chocolate cupcakes with blue cups and sprinkles were custom ordered from my favorite cupcake place on oahu, cupcake couture. i also ordered transparent white cup-a-cake cupcake holders online so that guests could take their sweet treat home. lastly the cupcake holders were topped off with a pool blue circle sticker hand-stamped with the contemporary cutlery in chocolate brown.

i was thinking that the centerpieces were going to be more of a challenge with a blue and brown color theme since there aren't any great blue flowers, and how to integrate the brown? of course leave it to martha stewart to provide inspiration! a blue vase would be perfect, and glazed ceramic matched the look and feel of the invitations! a single white spider mum with three short curly willow branches made for a simple, easy to assemble flower arrangement. very japanese ikebana-esque.

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