sushi cravings

watanabe san effortlessly creates individual sushi masterpieces of what i consider to be hands down the best sushi on maui. if you love huge cuts of the freshest seafood and sushi rice seasoned to perfection, you have to try sushi paradise is kihei. don't be deceived by the location or ambiance, each sushi is personally crafted by owner and chef watanabe, and each bite a explosion of balanced flavor perfection. but come early or after eight, or you'll be in for a long wait. here are my personal favorites...

aji nigiri :: hold the shoyu

salmon skin roll
hamachi + toro nigiri

spicy salmon roll :: super buttery avocado
rainbow roll :: some pieces have three type of sashimi layered on top


first family vacation mauna kea style

body surfing is crystal clear waters

we took our first family vacation on the island of hawaii, starting off at the mauna kea beach hotel. the fabulous rooms were recently renovated and refurbished by john hara associates, which took three rooms and transformed them into two rooms with an extraordinary bathroom complete with its own lanai. the manta restaurant is has wine bar and a breathtaking ocean view. at night the manta rays can be seen feeding in the shallow waters - an awesome sight to behold.

white on white bathroom :: the tub may have been kingston's favorite part of our stay

where sweet dreams happen

amazing golf course views


getting wild with branches

this beautiful natural sculpture, "on the wild side", by patrick dougherty was a 2011 artist in residence project, but still can be enjoyed on the grounds of hui no'eau.


bird's eye views: OGG-HNL

waikapu side of the west maui mountains

kahakuloa, maui

east honolulu, hanauma bay + koko head

airplane shadow over maui sugar cane fields