sushi cravings

watanabe san effortlessly creates individual sushi masterpieces of what i consider to be hands down the best sushi on maui. if you love huge cuts of the freshest seafood and sushi rice seasoned to perfection, you have to try sushi paradise is kihei. don't be deceived by the location or ambiance, each sushi is personally crafted by owner and chef watanabe, and each bite a explosion of balanced flavor perfection. but come early or after eight, or you'll be in for a long wait. here are my personal favorites...

aji nigiri :: hold the shoyu

salmon skin roll
hamachi + toro nigiri

spicy salmon roll :: super buttery avocado
rainbow roll :: some pieces have three type of sashimi layered on top


  1. Mouthwatering photos, Denise! Hirohachi in Kihei used to be my favorite sushi spot on Maui, but Hiro retired to play golf full-time. (Every sushi chef's dream?) I just tried the new place in Pukalani. So-so. There is such a formality to visiting a sushi restaurant for the first time! I'm pretty sure I flubbed this one.

    What rules/rituals do you know for testing out a sushi restaurant and befriending its chef?


    1. Thanks for your comment Shannon! I hadn't heard about a new sushi joint in Pukalani, but I'm sure you didn't flub it. New restaurants always want repeat customers.

      As for sushi eating etiquette, the only rule I abide by is if the chef tells you no shoyu, definitely don't put any shoyu on your sushi. My grandma told me that the proper Japanese way to eat sushi is to dip only the fish of the nigiri into the shoyu, never the rice. Not sure if this is helpful, but I'd love to hear others thoughts.