lana'i love part II - babymoon

Our second trip to Lana'i was quite different from our previous camping trip. Being seven months pregnant, our trip was more about relaxation and a little bit of pampering before the sleepless nights of parenthood arrived. We enjoyed everything from easy hikes, snorkeling, swimming, spa treatments, golfing and good food. Four Seasons Lana'i was offering great kama'aina room rates, and the short ferry ride from Maui made it the perfect babymoon getaway.

Sweetheart Rock (Pu'u Pehe) is one of Lana'i's most prominent landmarks, a large reddish rock rising high out of the ocean between Hulopo'e and Manele bays. Its name comes from a Hawaiian legend, of a jealous warrior from Lana'i who kept his beautiful maiden from Maui hidden in a sea cave near the rock, so no other man could see her. A storm came in suddenly one day drowning her. Heartbroken, he carried her body to the top of the rock and buried her in a tomb that can be seen to this day, and then he jumped to his death. 

The greenhouse at Four Seasons Resort Lana'i, The Lodge at Koele, is filled with the sweet scents and vibrant colors of orchids. It is just one stop along the walking pathways that traverse The Lodge, and is free for all to visit.

Sunset along the Fisherman's Trial

Majestic bluffs along Fisherman's Trail
Blowhole along side Fisherman's Trail

A little golfing for the hubby at the Challenge at Manele golf course

 Our favorite meal and seriously the best BLT I've had - The Challenge at Manele club house Hulopo`e Bay Prawn BLT was all kinds of yumminess with prawns and BLT on pita bread with caramelized onions, creole a├»oli and a side of freshly fried house-made salt and pepper potato chips.

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