a thayer ohana golf tradition

Before there was Celebrity 100 Holes of Golf, there was just 100 Holes of Golf where local die hard golfers would play five and a half rounds of golf from sunup till sundown, a benefit for Ka Lima O Maui. The orginal 100 Holes of Golf began in 1966 with players Jim Becker, Bob Herkes, and Bill Schwallie.

Tomorrow kicks off a long running family tradition of golfing to raise money for a good cause. The tradition originally began decades ago when it was just brothers Tom (my father-in-law) and Matt Thayer participating in 100 Holes of Golf. As boys Tom's sons, Shaun (my husband) and Bryce, joined in the family fun as soon as they were able to wield a golf club. This family tradition, which now encompasses two generations of Thayers, has expanded to include several close family friends.

When the news came that 100 Holes of Golf would be changing to Celebrity 100 Holes of Golf, an invitation only fundraiser, the Thayer clan wanted to continue the tradition of locals getting together to play golf for a good cause. For the Thayers and friends this year marks the fourth consecutive year of 54 Holes of Golf (their abbreviated version of 100 Holes of Golf). The first 18 holes will be played at the Kapalua Resort Plantation Course, with the remaining two rounds of golf played at Kaanapali Resort. To date 54 Holes of Golf has raised over $20,000. Not bad for eight people playing some golf.

Ka Lima O Maui is local nonprofit organization has been enhancing disadvantaged people’s lives by providing job training and placement for over 50 years. The organization helps individuals to gain independence skills, confidence and self-reliance by providing evaluation, training, job placement, coaching and long-term support as well as adult living skills.

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